Friday, 23 January 2009

My debut on Youtube

Cameras were prohibited, according to one of the Web pages advertising the event, at last Friday's Pecha Kucha night in Brussels, but some stranger in the crowd managed to record my presentation, "Around The World In 20 Questions", on their mobile phone, and has posted a grainy cell-phone video with ambient sound on Youtube.

[Update: The video came from here (original in Bulgarian; machine translation into English). I'm happy to see it posted -- I just wish that I had known that recording would be possible, so that I might have arranged for a better-quality one.]

I'd never attended or given a Pecha Kucha presentation before, nor had I ever given any sort of Powerpoint presentation. But it proved to be great fun, and a peculiarly well-suited format for travel topics. I look forward to taking part in more Pecha Kucha and to getting more travellers, travel writers, and travel photographers involved.

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Hi Edward - An interesting '.aero' that is worth reading is www.enviro.aero.

Lots of information about how flying will continue when we do run out of oil.

Posted by: Anonymous, 2 February 2009, 04:47 ( 4:47 AM)
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