Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Congress to vote on virtual strip searches at airports

I'm spending this week in Washington, DC, at one of my favorite annual events, the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference. There's live streaming video of the conference plenaries, although I don;t think it includes the breakout sessions such as the one Thursday where I'll be talking about the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and the enhanced drivers licenses (in the USA and Canada) with embedded long-range RFID radio tracking beacons.

Also in Washington this week, I met with aides to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, whose proposed amendment to the TSA Authorization Act to restrict the use of virtual strip searches at airport checkpoints will be voted on by the full House of Representatives on Thursday. If you care about this, and don't want your only choices to be, "strip or get groped", call or e-mail your Representative in Congress today.

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