Thursday, 4 June 2009

"Enhancing" the drivers license

I’m on a panel this afternoon at CFP to discuss the “enhanced” drivers’ licenses (EDL’s) being issued in some U.S. states and Canadian provinces:

Border-line ID: “Enhancing” the drivers license - for security or surveillance?

This session will examine technical and political contradictions in the development of “enhanced” drivers licenses as a passport alternative for entering the US at land or sea borders. It will draw on experts in the public, private and civil society sectors with their differing perspectives on the rationales and risks of enhancing drivers licenses by incorporating radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and citizenship information.

Karl Koscher, RFID researcher, Graduate student, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
Edward Hasbrouck, Author, Journalist, Blogger, Consumer Advocate, and Travel Expert
Christopher Calabrese, Counsel, Technology & Liberty Program, American Civil Liberties Union
Moderator: Andrew Clement, Professor, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Some links and notes for additional background:

ICAO standards for machine-readable travel documents (MRTD’s) and RFID passports:

Link | Posted by Edward on Thursday, 4 June 2009, 05:20 ( 5:20 AM)

RFID's are new but there has been a breakthrough that hackers could actually get into the details of the RFID... I don't know if this is rampant but to be safe, I'd rather use the old style and keep up to date with the RFID.

Posted by: mandino, 1 July 2009, 22:46 (10:46 PM)
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