Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New "experiential travel" magazine launches today: "Afar"

There’s a section for “Travel magazines and Web sites for independent travellers” in the 100-page resource guide in the The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World . But almost all of the listings in this section change with each edition of my book. As I note in the introduction, “Sadly, independent international travellers are a small niche in the USA, and some of the best of these magazines have been the shortest-lived.”

I haven’t even seen a copy yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the latest entrant in this niche, Afar , a San Francisco-based color glossy print magazine that officially launches today (a complementary Web publication is planned for launch next year).

“Afar” is dedicated to to “experiential travel”. The founders explain that, “[Other] travel … magazines look at travel as escapist, or they often look at travel as the sightseeing — you’re behind the camera and checking off the boxes of where you’ve been. Not about going out and touching and feeling and making connections.” Let’s hope “Afar” has sufficiently deep pockets to realize their goals:


Our mission is to inspire and guide those who travel the world seeking to connect with its people, experience their culture, and understand their perspectives.

The company will pursue this mission by seeking to capture the true essence of experiential travel: connection between the traveler, a place, and its people.


AFAR Media will adhere to the following values of experiential travel:

  • Explore from the inside looking out
  • Provide a sense of cultural immersion
  • Offer the unexpected
  • Touch on a range of emotions
  • Be genuine, real, authentic
  • Promote connection
  • Feed the curious
  • Respect the earth and its people
  • Celebrate global diversity

You can subscribe, or order a free sample copy of the inaugural issue, on the Afar.com Web site. I wish them all success.

Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 18 August 2009, 12:59 (12:59 PM)

Definitely a tall order to launch a new print publication in the throes of the worst economic downturn in 70 years, but Afar seems different - and timely. As the world's sensibilities change, and priorities shift, Afar seems to be poised to take advantage of the new New World Order. We at the International Culinary Tourism Association applaud the magazine and stand ready to assist the magazine's noble mission.

Posted by: Erik Wolf, 17 November 2009, 21:36 ( 9:36 PM)
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