Sunday, 13 December 2009

TSA Screening Management Procedures

There's been a lot of news in the last week about the USA Transportation Security Administration's posting of the TSA "Screening Management Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)" on a public Federal government Web site.

The Identity Project has previously obtained portions of this document in response to our requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and is currently appealing the TSA's failure to act on our pending request for the complete current version of the SOP.

The version released confirms that discriminatory practices are part of explicit TSA policy. In addiition, the TSA's statements this week strongly suggest that the TSA was trying to deceive us, and the public, either in its response to our previous FOIA request, or in its press statements this week, or in both.

There will be a Congressional hearing on this issue Wednesday, and we've already filed additional FOIA requests based on the Screening Management SOP.

I've posted an analysis of the TSA document and its significance on the Identity Project Web site, and will be posting updates there as we continue to pursue our FOIA requests and our complaint against the TSA's discriminatory procedures.

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