Friday, 12 February 2010

Willie Weir in Oakland and Sacramento

When he isn’t bicycling around the world, Willie Weir spends most of his time in and around Seattle. Next week Northern California travellers get a relatively rare chance to experience his unique and inspiring evangelism for independent travel at presentations at REI in Sacramento on Wednesday and Thursday nights and at the Humanist Hall in Oakland on Friday, 19 February 2010, in a benefit for Walk Oakland, Bike Oakland. “I’m volunteering my time and all the proceeds go to the advocacy organization,” he notes. As I said in an entry in this blog a few years ago that ended up as a blurb on the cover of Willie’s latest book, “Willie Weir may be the most effective and inspiring advocate in the USA for international bicycle travel, but his message is about much more than bicycling.” Trust me: If Willie Weir doesn’t get you out of your armchair and headed for the road, nobody will:

A Frugal Cyclist’s Guide to the Universe: An Evening with Willie Weir

Call him cheap, frugal, a tightwad or an initiator of kindness, Willie Weir knows how to get the most bang for his bucks when it comes to traveling the world, whether it’s giving the world’s cheapest engagement ring, protesting an insanely over-priced fish dinner, knocking on doors for free lodging or eating his way to free ice cream. Willie will bring to life tales from his latest book Travels with Willie that will have you chuckling and leave you wanting to chuck your day job and hit the road. Bicycling magazine says, “Travels with Willie is one of the rare bike books that get it right.”

Details: Friday, February 19th at 7pm at Oakland’s Humanist Hall (390 27th Street, between Telegraph & Broadway). Tickets: $5 Walk Oakland, Bike Oakland (WOBO) members, $10 non-members. Special $25 annual WOBO membership (including event ticket) will be available at the door. The book Travels with Willie will be available for purchase for $15 (cash only). All ticket revenue and a portion of book sales will benefit WOBO.

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