Sunday, 18 April 2010

DHS still trying to mislead Europeans about its use of PNR data

As the European Parliament prepares to vote this week in Strasbourg (where I am now) on the terms of reference for renegotiation of the agreement between the EU and the DHS on transfers of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data to, and use by, the DHS, I've posted a detailed analysis over at PapersPlease.org (the Identity Project) on the state of DHS compliance with the current nonbinding PNR agreement.

It's no surprise that the DHS's own self-assessment, when read closely, shows that the DHS has failed to comply with its agreement with the EU or uphold its public "undertakings".

What is, perhaps, more disturbing is the extent to which the DHS is continuing to lie about its actions and to attempt to mislead both the European public and European officials.

Sadly, one of the most important lessons of our work on these issues in the USA is that the DHS can no more be trusted to tell the truth than it can be trusted to act within the law.

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