Saturday, 19 June 2010

BATW discussion of "Ethics & Etiquette of Travel Writing"

I'm speaking at today's meeting of the Bay Area Travel Writers as part of a panel on the Ethics & Etiquette of Travel Writing.

Audio archive: downloadable podcast and streaming audio

Moderator (Erin Van Rheenen) and other panelists:

  • Catherine Boire
  • David Page
  • Tom Wilmer
  • Erin Van Rheenen (In addition to her own many writing accomplishments, Erin was my editor at Avalon Travel Publishing for "The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace" and the 2nd edition of "The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World".)

Here are some links to things we'll be talking about:

[Follow-up: Notes on the discussion by Suzie Rodriguez and April Orcutt]

[Update: Another FTC enforcement action, this time against a p.r firm that engaged in online shilling by posting "reviews" without disclosing that the reviewesr were working for the supplier of the product being reviewed -- a problem I've written about in the travel context here and here.]

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