Saturday, 4 December 2010

Off to Albuquerque on Amtrak

I'm off to Albuquerque on Amtrak this morning to observe and report on the trial next week of "Freedom Flyer" Phil Mocek, the person to be prosecuted for (nonviolently, politely, and legally) questioning the TDSA's "security" procedures at ABQ airport.

I'll be posting updates on the trial at PapersPlease.org. But since no cell phones, laptops, pagers, or other electronic communications devices are allowed anywhere in the courthouse, don't expect live-blogging or for me to be able to return phone calls or e-mail messages until after the end of each day of the trial.

My updates from Albuquerque for the Identity Project (PapersPlease.org):

Local Albuquerque news coverage quoting me about the case:

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I'd really like to hear about this when you return.


Posted by: Louise Lacey, 5 December 2010, 22:37 (10:37 PM)

Thanks for the link, this is a really interesting case.

Posted by: Jean Tournier, 23 December 2010, 02:13 ( 2:13 AM)
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