Friday, 16 September 2011

"Passport Day in the USA" tomorrow

It's Passport Day in the USA again tomorrow, Saturday, 17 September 2011.

It's a good deal, but not as good as in previous years.

That means that you can apply for a new or renewal passport in person at Passport Agency offices or other locations without an appointment, without having to show proof that you are departing soon on an international trip (difficult to do if, for example, you plan to cross the border by car, or cross on foot into Tijuana and then buy a bus ticket further into Mexico form there, but don't have any international tickets to show), and without having to pay a rush fee just for in-person service if you don;t actually need rush processing of your application.

So check your U.S. passport, and if it's about to expire, get your documents together and head on down to one of the offices participating in Passport Day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the fees for almost all passport services increased substantially last year. Even services that used to be free, like adding blank visa pages to a full passport, now carry substantial fees.

But it's much easier not to have to make an appointment in advance just to submit your application, and applying in person makes it easier and quicker to resolve many problems (such as questions about forms and supporting documents) than if you apply by mail.

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