Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bug report

If you can read this, my new server is online and, well, serving up Web pages.

I won’t say the migration is “finished”, because I’m sure more bugs will emerge in time (probably as soon as the old server is no longer available as a fallback). But for now, it looks like you can post comments, subscribe or unsubscribe to my e-mail newsletter, or send me e-mail.

If something doesn’t seem to be working properly, please let me know. I have a backlog of e-mail messages to catch up on, but if you don’t get a response you were expecting in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to re-send your message and/or to phone me.

There are some problems I already know about, and can’t quickly fix on my own:

  • The “comment submitted” confirmation page remains wonky, as it has been for a while. The easiest way to fix this is to upgrade to a newer version of Movable Type (see below), so I’m not going to invest time in trying to fix this now. But trust me, and be patient: Your comments are submitted, even if it takes a while for you to get a cryptic page confirming your submission, and your comments don’t appear right away. To avoid wasting other people’s time reading spam, all comments are moderated, so no comments will ever appear right away — I have to review and approve them first. I welcome comments, but you have to be patient. Sorry.

  • The encoding of non-ASCII characters was messed up throughout my blog, especially in entries that had been cut and pasted form sources with different character encoding schemes or while working abroad at workstations with different default encodings. I’ve replaced all special characters, which were mostly letters with diacriticals (accent marks), with plain ASCII characters. I know that this is wrong. I’m sorry. Non-accented characters are not the same. I hope that at least in French, Spanish, and German (the most common sources of diacriticals in this blog) the results will remain comprehensible, albeit barbaric looking, to native speakers of those languages. A more serious problem is that links to sites that used non-ASCII characters in URLs are broken. There aren’t many of these, so if you find a broken link that you can’t readily identify, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. To be clear, new input should be accepted in other encodings, as long as your browser properly identifies its encoding schema (some don’t).

My blog is built in Movable Type, and I’m looking for a freelance consultant who can help me move it to the latest MT version and do some other de-crufting and enhancements. I’ve had one kind offer already from one of my readers who might be able to do this, but I would welcome other referrals or recommendations in case the first one doesn’t work out. MT isn’t perfect, but it has served me well, and I’d rather invest in improving my MT setup than spend more to replicate it on another platform.

Now back to work, even further behind than I was four days ago….

Link | Posted by Edward on Wednesday, 4 April 2012, 10:49 (10:49 AM)
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