Thursday, 5 April 2012

CPUC withdraws approval of PG&E "SmartMeter" opt-out fees

I’ve just received a copy by e-mail of a letter dated today from the California Public Utilities Commission regarding my protest of the portion of PG&E’s proposed tariff of “SmartMeter” opt out fees that would apply those fees to PG&E customers who haven’t actually indicated that we don’t want to have a “SmartMeter”:

[A]ttached is PG&E”s reply to your protest of the above-referenced Advice Letter, which inadvertently, was not served upon you at the time it was submitted to the CPUC. Also, the CPUC”s Energy Division has withdrawn without prejudice the disposition of the above-referenced Advice Letter, which inadvertently, was also not served upon you at the time of its issuance. Energy Division will take up the issue de novo, providing you 10 days so that you have time to receive and review the attached PG&E reply to your protest before issuing a disposition in this matter.

I haven’t had time to fully digest this letter, but wanted to make it available ASAP for the benefit of those who are deciding what to do about PG&E’s requests for access to customer or third-party premises, or who may already be getting billed for “opt-out” fees.

Today’s letter suggest that the CPUC Energy Division is trying to exercise an improper “pocket veto”, or at least delay, of my request for Commission review of its actions. The next Commission meeting is April 19th in San Francisco; the agenda is supposed to be released this Monday. We’ll see if my request is on it.

Among other remaining questions which I have asked the CPUC is whether, as of now, they consider the PG&E Advice Letter (and thus the opt-out rules and fees) to have been rejected or suspended. One or the other appears to be required by CPUC rules, but I can’t tell what the CPUC thinks is the current status of the Advice Letter. Check the CPUC lists of closed and suspended Advice Letters and PG&E’s list of all Advice Letters, but beware that they may not be accurate or up to date.

[Update: PG&E “SmartMeter” opt-out fees are suspended]

Link | Posted by Edward on Thursday, 5 April 2012, 16:26 ( 4:26 PM)
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