Monday, 27 August 2012


I’ve made a special effort in writing and updating The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World to provide advice that will be useful to readers around the world. So I’m especially pleased when I get positive feedback from readers in countries other than the USA.

Special thanks, therefore, to Lex and Martine for their kind words in Dutch about the 5th edition of The Practical Nomad in their blog about their current big trip, Een wereldreis (

Link | Posted by Edward on Monday, 27 August 2012, 18:31 ( 6:31 PM)

Hello Edward,

We're somewhat baffled that you've noticed our review and were pointed towards your post by another Dutch reader.

Yes, your book has been very helpful in establishing some ground-rules for our journeys and we do not think at all that your book is too much US based. On the contrary, I think you've summed up quite some feedback on the attitude of your countrymen and I think you're spot on.

We're enjoying your knowledge as a pat on the back so far and we recommend your book to everyone. We wish you all the best and thanks for giving us your insights.

Best regards,

Martine & Lex

Posted by: Lex & Martine, 17 September 2012, 02:21 ( 2:21 AM)
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