Friday, 7 September 2012

Back on the bikes, with help from our friends

My plans for a cross-country bike trip with my partner Ruth Radetsky during her vacation from teaching this summer were derailed a week before the end of her school year when she hit a pothole in the bike lane at Bosworth and Lyell Streets in Glen Park and crashed, breaking her collarbone and several ribs, among other injuries, and spending a week in the hospital, as some of you may have read about in this article by our friend Sasha Cuttler in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

I'm overjoyed to report that Ruth is doing well, back on her bike, and back in front of her classes as of the start of the school year.

Last Sunday, as I mentioned in the previous article, we flew over one of our favorite hill climbs. Ruth had ridden to the top just a few days before her crash:

[Radio Road up San Bruno Mountain. SFO runways at upper right.]

On Monday, we made it back to the top of San Bruno Mountain for the first time since Ruth's crash:

[Looking southwest over Daly City, Colma, and the coastal fog bank.]

My thanks to all the friends who helped us both in the emergency and throughout the summer.

Inshallah (no, I'm not a Muslim, but it's a word with no good English equivalent), we're hoping to take the trip next summer that we'd planned for this summer.

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