Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sabre CRS is down

The Sabre computerized reservation system is down this morning, taking with it all those airlines hosted in Sabre (including American, Alaska, Frontier, and Southwest) and those travel agents who rely on Sabre as an outsourced connectivity and CRM provider.

Most travel agencies and agents rely on a single CRS/GDS to provide their connection to, and to store their agency copies of PNRs for, all airlines and travel services providers, regardless of whether they are hosted in that CRS or a different one.

There's more about CRS outages and their implications for travellers in my articles about last month's and last year's Galileo/Apollo (Travelport) outages.

[Update: Sabre is reportedly back up now, after an outage of almost an hour affecting all Sabre users and, of course, all travellers whose reservations were stored in, Sabre.]

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