Friday, 21 September 2012

"Automated Targeting System" briefing Oct. 3rd in New York

While I’m in New York City next month, I’ll be giving a brown-bag lunch presentation on the DHS “Automated Targeting System” and government surveillance and control of travelers on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 12:30 - 2 p.m., at the Brennan Center for Justice, New York University School of Law, 161 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave.), 12th Floor (in SoHo, 1/2 block from the Spring St. station on the C and E subway lines).

My introduction to the DHS “Automated Targeting System” will include examples of data from ATS records obtained through my recently-concluded Privacy Act and FOIA lawsuit seeking ATS records about me as well as information about ATS data-mining capabilities, the role of ATS in USA government surveillance and control of travellers, and the civil liberties and human rights issues it raises.

The “Automated Targeting System” (ATS) is one of the largest of post-9/11 warrantless dragnet surveillance programs. Built at a cost of more than $2 billion in government-mandated changes to commercial travel IT systems, to which DHS now has root access, ATS “ingests,” archives, and mines complete mirror copies of all international airline reservations (“passenger name record”) data for travel to, from, or via the USA. ATS records include where, when, and with whom you travelled; your IP address; what credit card was used; whether you asked for a kosher or halal meal; and whether you and your travelling companion asked for one bed or two in your shared hotel room.

While little known or debated in the USA, ATS has been at the center of intense disputes with the European Union and Canada over US demands for access to travel reservation data from other countries.

The discussion will be moderated by Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Counsel, Liberty and National Security Program, The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law.

The event is free and open to the press and the public, but please RSVP by e-mail to “” or by phone to +1-646-292-8345, as space is limited.

I look forward to seeing old friends and and meeting new ones.

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