Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Amazing Race 23, Episode 10 (season finale)

Bandung (Indonesia) - Tokyo (Japan) - Juneau, AK (USA)

Sometimes real life preempts “reality” television.

All this week, I’ve been covering the trial in Federal court in San Francisco in the first lawsuit challenging a U.S. government “no-fly” order to make it to trial (over the U.S. government’s objections, which have already been rejected twice by the Court of Appeals, that “no-fly” decisions should be made in secret, based on secret evidence, and should not be subject to review by Federal judges).

Most trials are fairly predictable events, and real courtroom drama is rare. But not in this case. There have been surprises (even for the parties to the lawsuit) and new outrages — such as the plaintiff’s daughter, a U.S. citizen, herself unexpected being prevented from flying to the U.S. to testify as a witness to what had happened before to her mother — almost every day.

I was the only journalist to observe the whole trial (or as much of it as wasn’t closed to the public), and at times the only spectator in the courtroom. So I felt it was important to provide detailed reports and analysis of the trial. Those will have to serve as your travel stories this week, in lieu of my usual coverage of this week’s finale of The Amazing Race 23.

See you next season, which will be another “all-star” edition of The Amazing Race, with broadcasts starting in February 2014 on CBS-TV in the USA.

And if you are missing your fix of The Amazing Race… take your own trip around the world!

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