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Inquiring minds want to know how to avoid the draft

If you click on a Google search result, Google passes the text you originally entered in the search box through to the search result Web site. The same is true of most other search engines. Marketers use this data to analyze what queries bring visitors to their Web sites, but educational, political, informational, and personal Web site operators can also make use of this information to understand what visitors are looking for.

I don’t often see lists of search engine queries posted publicly, but I find them an interesting window into what’s on people’s minds.

My interests aren’t easily pigeonholed. I write and have written — many of the pages on my Web site that people most often get to from search engines were written many years ago — about several topics that aren’t obviously related. Depending on what I’ve been up to, or what’s been in the news, I might get a lot of visitors looking for information about what to do if an airline goes bankrupt, what foreign languages are most useful for world travel, how to tell if your passport has an RFID chip (if it’s a currently valid US passport, it does), the reality-TV show The Amazing Race, or self-determinationn and human rights in Kashmir.

I have pages consistently in the top search results for each of these. What varies from month to month is which questions netizens are asking.

This month, for example, I’ve gotten about a thousand visitors to a section of my site that normally gets only a few dozen visitors a month, because it includes some archived documentation, apparently not available anywhere else, about the obscure and abandoned “SavaJe” Java-based alternative operating system for the Psion netBook, an ahead-of-its time but also long since abandoned 1990s mobile computer with both a touchscreen and a keyboard. The SavaJe OS, and what devices it ran on, became an issue last week in the trial of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by Oracle against Google.

Questions about Selective Service and draft registration are a perennial source of traffic to my site. This month, with Congress debating whether to extend draft registration to women or end it entirely, questions about how to avoid the draft have brought more searchers to my site than queries on all other topics put together.

Some of these queries appear to be from parents concerned about their children. Others appear to be from students looking for answers to homework questions, writing papers, or preparing for debates. But most of these queries appear to be from draft-age young people wanting to know what will happen to them if they don’t register for the draft or don’t go into the military if they are drafted.

Notably, very few of them are asking whether, or why, they should or shouldn’t support the draft or draft registration. If someone wants to enlist, I might try to talk them out of it. But I’ve never seen any point to trying to convince anyone not to want to be drafted. Nobody wants to be drafted. By definition, the government only needs to draft you if you haven’t chosen to enlist.

The queries that bring people to my Web site bear this out. People aren’t asking about my beliefs or opinions about the draft or war, or for counseling or advice about their own beliefs. Nor are they asking for reasons why they might or might not want to register for, or submit to, the draft. It appears that most of them already know they don’t want to go into the military and don’t want to register. They want factual information about whether threats of prosecutions for failure to regiser are credible (no — enforcement of draft registration was abandoned in 1988), what will happen to them if they don’t register (lifetime ineligibility for some government programs if they turn 26 without ever having registered), and how they can avoid being drafted if they did register (move without telling the Selective Service System your new address, or organize to end draft registration and abolish the Selective Service System).

Although I have a page on my site that shows up on the first page of results for a search on “conscientious objection and draft registration”, it gets relatively little traffic. Regardless of what choices anyone else may think young people should make, “conscientious objection” is not the option they are looking for help with. That makes sense to me: Most people who don’t want to be drafted aren’t what I would call conscientious objectors (I’m not one myself), don’t think of themselves as conscientious objectors (I don’t either), and — most importantly — don’t fit the government’s definition of eligibility for classification as a CO and assignment to yet-to-be-determined but involuntary alternative service, even if they want to and would be willing and able to jump through all the hoops to qualify (I wouldn’t).

Make of it what you will, by far the most common word used in these queries about the draft is “avoid”. Not “resist”, “evade”, or “dodge”. And people see through the euphemisms: Far more queries are about “the draft” than “Selective Service”.

But you can draw your own conclusions. Here are some of the search engine queries that have brought visitors to my Web site this month:

how to avoid the draft
how does college deferment work to avoid being drafted
does americans citizen have to be drafted
will there ever be another military draft
do you still have to sign up for the draft
draft coming back
how long will you stay in jail if you say no to the draft
does canada have war draft
hiw long you go to jail for skipping the draft
usa draft only child
why don t we draft anymore
how to avoid usa draft
refused to go to war
fear of getting drafted
if you dodge the draft do you have a draft number
name two reasons people were deffered from the draft
doesn t the president have to declare an act of war before congress can reinstate the draft
will there ever be a draft again
ways to avoid being drafted
what happens if you don t sign up for the draft
2016 does my 20 year old have to sign for selective service
if you in college can you be drafted
what if you get drafted and don t want to go
what can get you out of the draft
at what age can you be drafted
how to avoid being drafted
ways to be exempt from signing up for the male draft
registering for the draft
can you renew a license if you havent signed up for the draft
what happens if you get drafted and refuse to go
who should be draft to war and condition
what are people called if they got drafted and they didnt want to
who is eligible for the draft
how can someone get out of being drafted
what happens if i dont register for the draft within 30 days
who isn t eligible for a u.s. military draft.
do you have to pass physical to be drafted
could the draft come back
what is a conscientious objector
people who dont want to go to war are called
could there be another draft lottery
can you refuse the draft
what are you charged when you don t sign up for the draft
register for draft
what is it like to be drafted to the military
why doesnt everyone register as conscientous objector
can plumbers be drafted into war
was the gulf war drafted
would the fact that a man was a doctor or dentist effect the military rank he would receive in the military if he is drafted?
what happens if you refuse to registar with the selective service system
if your drafted and refuse to go how long could you go to prison
can us draft if have adhd
proof the military draft create equality and diversity
is the military draft coming back
when are they gonna use selective service
did the congress pass the women in selective service bill
how to know if im a contienous objector
punishment for not registering for selective service
if a conscientious objector is drafted
will they take you out of school for military draft?
can i be drafted if i didn t register
are you able to avoid the draft outside of valid medical reasons
what are ways to avoid registering for draft
women may be drafted into military
how old do they draft for military
will the draft come back
woman what if i dont want to be drafted
what was some of the reasons people gave to avoid being drafted?
refusal to join the army in vietnam
military draft
medical reasons flr not neing drafted
why should 18 year old girls should not be drafted into the military
when is the latest you can sign up for the draft
at what age one does not get drafted if there was a draft?
reasons/conditions for not being drafted into the armed services wiki
can canandian get drafted
can you get drafted if you refuse to kill?
can medical students be drafted
what happens when you refuse a draft
if you are a brother can you be drafted
draft and do not believe in killing
people the army wont draft
what if i don t register for the draft
do ministers get drafted
refusing a draft
if you don t register for the draft can you get a driver s license
in america how could men defer from the draft
what is a draft in war
what gets you out of a draft
what happens if you dodge in draft
if you don t register for the draft
what punishment did men get if the refused the draft
can you say no to the draft
do everyone have to register for the draft
easiset way to save yourslef from being drafted
pass from being drafted
if you are in college can you be drafted
the next military draft
chances of getting drafted to war
refuse to go to the military
will i be drafted
what sports figure refused to be. drafted to vietnam war?
sign a petition to illegalize drafting women into war
why does parents dont want the usa to participate in the war
will there be a draft again
if there was a draft and you didnt go what would happen
what happens if you get drafted and don t go
law senators sons cannot be drafted
do you think we will have another draft?
ways out of a draft
how to get out of the us draft
selective service system
what happens if you refuse to go to war
at what age do you stop getting drafted by the army
what happens if you say no to military draft
age you can be drafted
nobody is refused to join
what is the penalty for refusing the draft
what were the kind of people drafted into vietnam like
what will happen if i refuse to sign up for the selective service
selective service will the draft be back
resistance posters
how old can you be to get drafted
what happens if you dont sign for the draft
what happens if draft is reinstituted
penalty for denying a draft to war
house panel approves measure requiring women to register for draft
what if i don t resisture for the draft
son refuses to join the army
selective service dont go
who can be drafted
do you have to go to war if you are drafted
refusing selective service
how old do you have to be to get out of draft
can you be drafted if you work for a private military
were you drafted to war in the 80s
i don t want to go to the military
register for the draft
can people in prison be drafted
could they draft me
how many people were killed during the draft laws i the north
what if you ignore the draft
does me or my younger brother go into a military draft if it happend
how did the members of the monkees avoid the u.s. draft
how old do you have to be to not be drafted
what to do if your drafted
don t have to be drafted
is the draft coming back
can you avoid a draft by saying it s against your religion
what happens if you resist draft
does scoliosis knock you out of a draft
what is penalty for not registering for the drafy
how to not get drafted
how to get out of drafting military
how to not get drafted into the military
will the draft return
what happens if you don t show up for draft
special health care drafting
selective service system what is it
what happened if one ignores a draft notice
how to ignore notification to register with the selective service
can drafting come back
how to protect yourself from the draft
how to get out of selective service
penalty for refusing draft registration
drafts you dont want to win
peiple avoid being drafted
aviod the drafting
failing to register for selective service
what will keep you from being drafted
can you pay to avoid being drafted
can you pay to not be in draft?
military draft registration in other countries
if you get drafted can you say no
could i be drafted
does the draft encourage or discourage military action
i will not register for the draft
until what age can one be drafted
what is the penalty for avoiding signing up with the us army
what happens if you are chosen to go to war but refuse to
what are the chances of a military draft happening again
military draft exemptions
will there be a draft soon 2016
college keep you from being drafted
are girls getting drafted in the army
how to avoid selective service
if they reinstate the draft will there be a draft lottery
charge for not joining a draft
report will your son or daughter be drafted? what you can do about it right now
do you have to sign anything to be drafted
how old to be drafted
can you be removed from a army draft list?
do you have to register for the draft
i have to register for war
what would happen if we didnt have the draft
who can get drafted into the military
register no 20 19
if you don t go into the army when there is a draft
does returning mails from selective service illegal
how can men not be eligible to go to war
getting drafted army
will the us have a draft again
what happens if you re drafted
what if daughter won t register for draft
what could you be drafted for
is it legal to refuse to go to war
what happens if a guy dosent register for war
draft and conscientious objector
cost to get out of militarydraft
selective service if you dont register can this keep you from applying from students loans
why was the gulf war the first us war of the 20th century that didn t require a draft
how do you get drafted
if you dont join army draft
how to avoid the military draft
will there be a military draft soon
refusal to register for selective service
how to get out of draft
your child flies to iraq after a draft
what if there is a draft
what if you don t register for the draft
do they still draft nurses intimes of war
how to avoid getting drafted
women getting drafted into the military
what do you think the us government should do to those who illegally avoid the draft
would people ever participate in another draft?
if men are finding ways out of being drafted then why are we even trying to draft men
are women going to be drafted
if you are drafted do you have to fight
can you be drafted if you are in college
i don t want to get drafted
registration to know what will happen in your life
in what ways did men avoid being drafted into war
can you get drafted if you wear glasses
don t want to register for selective service
were men drafted during the afghan war
what happens if a single parent is drafted

Link | Posted by Edward on Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 12:25 (12:25 PM)

I never registered for the draft, and never thought that I had to. In response to your recent postings
on the subject, I investigated and discovered that the draft was ended in 1975 by President Ford. Five
years later, President Carter re-instated the draft with a partial retroactive registration requirement.
The result was that men born between March 29, 1957, and December 31, 1959 were completely exempt
from ever having to register for Selective Service. My birthdate falls within those dates.

Posted by: Anon Y. Mouse, 12 June 2016, 09:59 ( 9:59 AM)

@Anon Y. Mouse -- There's more on the history of draft registration, including the hiatus from 1975 to 1980 and the reinstatement of draft registration in 1980, at:

Posted by: Edward Hasbrouck, 12 June 2016, 10:13 (10:13 AM)
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