Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"This is what 'extreme vetting' means."

I'm quoted at length in a story today in The Verge and on CNBC about the DHS "Analytical Framework for Intelligence" (AFI), a data-mining and profiling system outsourced to a company founded by a member of the Trump transition team and used to "vet" immigrants, foreign visitors, and US citizens, to decide whether or not they are allowed to travel and how they are treated when they travel, on the basis of an aggregated database of government and commercial information:

"When Trump uses the term 'extreme vetting', AFI is the black-box system of profiling algorithms that he's talking about," says Edward Hasbrouck of the Identity Project, a civil liberties initiative that focuses on the rights of travelers. "This is what extreme vetting means."


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"Can the Government Get Its Hands on Silicon Valley’s Big Data?" (by Brian Feldman, New York Magazine, 21 December 2016):


Posted by: Edward Hasbrouck, 22 December 2016, 20:30 ( 8:30 PM)

At this point such actions have nothing to do with protection and everything to do with power. To endlessly meddle and battle in other countries while not expecting blow back is ridiculous. But so long as effects rather than their root causes are addressed it will be possible for those who enjoy control to profit and extend their grasp. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight or else endless wars will drive the nation into bankruptcy, but by then there won't be much left to "protect."

Posted by: Richard Weil, 18 January 2017, 07:27 ( 7:27 AM)

Follow-up: Tech Workers Coalition protests outside Palantir headquarters in Palo Alto against its role in "extreme vetting":

"Tech workers are protesting Palantir’s involvement with immigration data" (by Spencer Woodman, The Verge, 13 January 2017)




Posted by: Edward Hasbrouck, 19 January 2017, 21:25 ( 9:25 PM)
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