Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Testimony in Alaska on the REAL-ID Act

I'm testifying today (by teleconference) at two hearings in the Alaska State Legislature on state bills related to the Federal REAL-ID Act.

In 2008, the Alaska State Legislature enacted a state law prohibiting any state spending to implement the REAL-ID Act.

Now, in response to Federal threats to interfere with Alaskan residents' freedom of movement if the state government doesn't upload information about all state license and ID-card holders to a national ID database, the state legislature is considering bills to authorize that spending and implementation.

It makes no sense for Alaska to call for repeal of a disliked Federal law of dubious Constitutionality, and simultaneously to authorize state spending to comply with that law, without first getting the courts to rule on whether the (unfunded) mandate for state action or the threatened sanctions against state residents are Constitutional.

Details and links to the proposed legislation and my testimony at PapersPlease.org: Alaska and the REAL-ID Act

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"REAL-ID Facts for Alaskans":


fact-checking the "FAQ" distributed by the Alaska Department of Administration and Governor:


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