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AIRIMP (Airline Interline Message Protocol)
message for sample PNR

From: booking agency's CRS (Sabre, 1S)

To: ticketed airline's host CRS (Worldspan, 1P)

.HDQRM1S 123456
HDQ1S ABC123/1B2D/12345678////A
CO1234Q 12APR SFOLHR HK2/1630 1030/1
CO4321Q 21APR LHRSFO HK2/1100 1350
    EDWARD MR.00512345678901
    EDWARD MR.00512345678901
    BAR MR.00512345678914
    BAR MR.00512345678914

Even the limited contact information in the PNR created by the travel agency is not included in this AIRIMP message, and would not be included in the PNR created in the airline's host system on receipt of this message.

The only contact information required to be included in the AIRIMP message is the travel agency CRS ("1S", for Sabre, in this example), CRS "pseudo-city" code (Sabre PCC "1B2D"; analogous to an Internet domain name), and agency IATA appointment number ("12345678"). From these, the recipient of the message can look up the agency contact information registered with IATA and with the CRS.

As previously indicated in the PNR, these are "codeshare" flights booked and ticketed under a Continental Airlines flight number, but actually operated by Virgin Atlantic Airways. Depending on the codeshare agreement between Continental and Virgin Atlnatic, Virgin Atlantic -- the airline from which the TSA would most likely obtain PNR's for the flight -- might receive, and have in its PNR, even less information.

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