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NCMNPS public events and activities, 2017-2018

Public events and activities of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service in 2017 and 2018, released in response to my FOIA requests

For convenience, I have organized the records linked below for 2017-2018 and on the additional page for records of events and activities in 2019-2020 by meeting and date, bringing together information about each meeting from all available sources. The links below include records released in response to my FOIA requests; copies of testimony and written statements obtained at NCMNPS public events; independent reports, analysis and commentary on these events; and records that have been identified as responsive to my FOIA request, but were not released before the NCMNPS disbanded in September 2020. The Commission posted some of its records on its own site, and others on various other sites including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Eventbrite. Other records including most of those listed below have only been disclosed in response to my FOIA request and are only available here. I’ve tried to link to the best available copy of each item. Note that many announcements made at the time only to selected invitees have been posted by the NCMNPS on its Web site in response to my FOIA request, months after the fact but with false and misleading backdated posting dates, so as to imply that the Commision had been more transparent at the time about its activities and plans than was actually the case. And in some of the copies of press releases that were disclosed to me, the Commission redacted the names and contact information of its “public” spokespeople! The “minutes” linked below are sanitized “public minutes” prepared by NCMNPS staff in repsonse to my FOIA requests. The original “internal” minutes that include notes on the deliberations and decsions of the NCMNPS were withheld in their entirety by the NCMNPS, and released only after the NCMNPS was disbanded and its records were transferred to the National Archives.

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