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Legislative proposals related to Selective Service

No young person, regardless of gender, should be subject to a military draft or be forced to register for a draft in the United States. The military draft registration system is an unnecessary, wasteful bureaucracy which unconstitutionally violates Americans’ civil liberties and unfairly subjects individuals who fail to register for the draft to unnecessarily severe, lifelong penalties — penalties which disproportionately affect low-income Americans. We should be abolishing military draft registration altogether, not expanding it, which is why I’m proud to reintroduce the Selective Service Repeal Act in the House

[Rep. Peter DeFazio, 14 April 2021]

  • 2019-2020 session of Congress: All of the proposals below expired at the end of 2020.

  • Previous sessions of Congress:
  • Pending state legislative proposals related to Selective Service:
    • Massachusetts H. 4263 / S. 2585: Revided draft introduced 22 November 2021 would automatically register all applicants for Massachusetts driver’s licenses or state ID cards ages 18-26 (men and women) with the Selective Service System by default, unless they opt out on their application. (Note that a Massachusetts state law enacted in 1970 and never repealed provides that no resident of Massachusetts inducted into or serving in the armed forces shall be required to serve abroad in an armed conflict that has not been declared a war by Congress.)

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