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Links about the Draft, Draft Registration, and Draft Resistance

Don't Register for War.

Other links and resources about the draft, draft registration, and draft resistance:

  1. Draft registration and the possibility of a general draft
  2. Women, the draft, and draft registration
  3. The medical draft ("Health Care Personnel Delivery System")
  4. Financial aid for nonregistrants
  5. Background on "Selective Service", draft registration, and draft resistance since 1980
  6. Statistics on draft registration, resistance, compliance, and enforcement since 1980
  7. Resistance within the military and by veterans and military families
  8. USA war resisters in Canada and other countries
  9. Resistance to military recruiting
  10. Outsourcing and privatizing war to mercenaries and contractors
  11. Other draft resistance and anti-draft organizations, Web sites, and events
  12. U.S. Supreme Court decisions on draft registration since 1980
  13. Other pending lawsuits related to draft registration
  14. Proposed state and Federal legislation related to draft registration

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