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Posters and Graphics about Draft Resistance

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(More: historical posters from the prosecutions of draft resisters in the 1980s; social media graphics about women and the draft; infographics; and other audio, video, and multimedia resources.)

Refuse to Register. No Registrar. Conscripcion No.

Fred Moore for the National Resistance Committee, 1980; the same font was used for the masthead of Resistance News. We’ve been told many times that one of the Chinese characters is incorrect — possibly a diminutive (“Be a small soldier”?) rather than a negative (“Don’t be a soldier”). But nobody has yet provided us with a corrected version. We’re open to editing the master image, if you can explain what needs to be fixed and provide replacement character(s) in matching calligraphic style.

Don't Register.

James Groleau, 1981. PDF

We Are Your Children. Support Draft Resistance.

James Groleau, 1981. PDF

Puppets Of War

“Puppets Of War”, James Groleau, 1984.

Feminists Say: Stop The Draft

Yolanda V. Fundora, 1980

Don't Register For War

United Street Artists, Boston/Cambridge, MA, c. 1982. PDF

Don't Register For War

United Street Artists, Boston/Cambridge, MA, c. 1982. PDF

Don't Register For War

United Street Artists, Boston/Cambridge, MA, c. 1982. PDF

Slave Labor Is Illegal. Resist Draft Registration.

United Street Artists, Boston/Cambridge, MA, c. 1982. PDF

Bite The Hand That Feeds You Shit. Screw the Draft.

Rachel Romero, San Francisco Poster Brigade, 1979.

Hell No, We Won't Go!

Resist the Drat. Refuse to Register. You Won't Be Alone.


Anonymous stickers, Boston/Cambridge, MA, 1980.

Women Resist

“Women Resist” graphic by Ruth Shields, 1985.

Draftees of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your generals!

Carlos A. Cortez for the IWW, c. 1965

This is your final warning.... Either register for the draft, or climb into the paddy wagon!

Mike Keefe, Denver Post, 1982

[Non-exclusive rights to the use of these posters by the National Resistance Committee were donated by the artists. Printed copies of most of these posters and others were donated by the NRC to the All Of Us Or None collection at the Oakland Museum of California. Some are also held by the University of Michigan library, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, and have been exhibited at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco.]

Historical posters against draft registration and the prosecutions of draft registration resisters in the 1980s

Stop the Draft. Washington March 22

Poster for East Coast mobilization against the draft, 22 March 1980

No Draft. No Registration. No War Preparations.

Poster for West Coast mobilization against the draft, 22 March 1980
(another version with list of endorsers)

Stop the Draft

Poster for local protest and civil disobedience on the first day of draft registration organized by the Boston Alliance Against Registration and the Draft (BAARD) and the Clamshell Alliance, 21 July 1980

Women's Pentagon Action: Stop The Draft

“Stop The Draft.” Women’s Pentagon Action poster by Yolanda V. Fundora, 1980

No Draft. 1980 National Chicano Moratorium

“No Draft. Poster by Carlos Callejo for the 1980 National Chicano Moratorium

March Against the Draft: Saturday, October 4, 1980

March Against the Draft, Boston, 4 October 1980, organized by BAARD and the Clamshell Alliance

Protest Draft Indictments

Poster by Brushfire Graphics for one of several protests in Boston, MA, in response to the first indictment of a nonregistrant. There were protests in more than 100 cities and towns nationwide after the indictment of Ben Sasway, San Diego, CA, 30 June 1982.

Sit-In at Selective Service

Poster for sit-in at the Selective Service System headquarters, Washington, DC, 18 October 1982

Skull with mushroom cloud and SS eyes

Stencil of Selective Service death’s head with mushroom cloud and “SS” eyes painted on and around Selective Service System headquarters, Washington, DC, 18 October 1982

Resist Draft Registration. Come to Ed Hasbrouck's Trial.

Poster by Liz Davidson (with cartoon by Mike Keefe) for the trial of Edward Hasbrouck, Boston, MA, 15 December 1982

Convicted: Six Men for Refusing to Register with Selective Service

Poster by James Groleau for the sentencing of Edward Hasbrouck, Boston, MA, 14 January 1983

Together We Are the Seeds of Resistance

Poster by Liz Davidson for an “Affirmation of Peace” after the trial of Russell F. Ford, Hartford, CT, 14 April 1983

Wanted for Refusing to Kill

Poster with photo by Paul Pearce for the trial of Andy Mager, Syracuse, NY, 8 January 1985

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