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"Resistance News" is an irregular e-mail newsletter about the military draft, draft registration, draft registration, and Selective Service distributed by Edward Hasbrouck, who also publishes the Resisters.Info Web site.

I maintain this list myself, on a server I administer myself in Canada and not in the USA. I've been imprisoned for refusing to give the U.S. government the information it wanted me to provide in order to be able to draft me, and I promise that I will not voluntarily divulge any information about subscribers to this list. But I can't promise that the government won't be able to obtain this list from the server without my knowledge, consent, or cooperation.

Of course, not everyone who subscribes to this newsletter is a draft resister or lawbreaker, and it's not illegal to subscribe to this list. Free speech, the First Amendment, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But if you don't want to take any risk that the U.S. government might get your e-mail address, don't subscribe to this mailing list or use a less-easily traced e-mail address. (More about my privacy practices and promises.)

I approve all subscriptions manually, so don't expect an instant subscription confirmation e-mail message. I normally check for new subscriptions every few days. Some e-mail providers including Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo have a tendency to assume that all messages from small e-mail servers, such as this one, are spam. If you don't see a welcome message within a few days, check your "spam" folder.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions on what you can do and organizations working to prevent a draft.


Edward Hasbrouck

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Subscribe to e-mail updates about the draft, draft registration, and draft resistance.

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