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Prosecutions of Draft Registration Resisters

20 prosecutions of nonregistrants since 1980 (none since 1986)

FAQ about current Selective Service registration compliance and enforcement

History of draft registration and draft resistance since 1980

Poster by James Groleau for the sentencing of Edward Hasbrouck. Boston, 14 January 1983

[Originally compiled by Edward Hasbrouck for the National Resistance Committee, and published in each issue of Resistance News. I’ve only linked to e-mail addresses that were already on the Web, but I’m in touch with some others of the indicted nonregistrants listed above. At least five of the twenty nonregistrants who were prosecuted in the 1980s attended public hearings and events held by the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service in 2018 and 2019, including Dan Rutt, Paul Jacob, and Edward Hasbrouck, who all testified that they are still proud of their decision to resist, and would do it again.]

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