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Don't Draft Women -- Or Men

By Jack Perry

(23 June 2016)

Don't Register for War.

Flying under the social issues radar is the idea of drafting women into the United States military during a war. This has been a hot-button topic for quite some time with arguments for and against it. People in favor say, hey they wanted equal rights, so they got them. Others say, hey, they’re sitting ducks for sexual abuse if they get captured. Well, they don’t have to be captured by the enemy for that to happen. Their own comrades rape them. The military itself covered that up for decades until it got to the point they couldn’t cover it up anymore.

Here’s my stance on it: Abolish the draft as a whole. Then, THEN, we will have true equality when it is no longer possible for the federal government to force anyone’s kid to go die for foolish overseas power gambits between various tinhorn despots we call “allies”. Regardless of gender, each life will be valued as utterly beyond expandability in enforcing the government’s muddled political philosophy.

They say in certain circles that a person has a “duty” to the government. Is that so? Perhaps to those people they feel that. I, however, feel no such duty. Is it not enough the government confiscates my money and awards it to the aforementioned despots, or the terrorist groups it arms and trains to unseat other world leaders and install U.S.-approved despots? How am I alleged to have some type of “duty” towards a government such as this? In fact, a “duty” towards this government would appear more like being caught in a domestic violence dynamic or Stockholm Syndrome.

People need to see the draft as a whole for what it truly is: State-sponsored involuntary human sacrifice. The government carts off the first-born and immolates them to appease angry war gods in the Pentagon and, therefore, “freedom” manifests as a result. Now, this is not Ancient Carthage we’re talking about here, with wholesale infant sacrifice to Molech and Chemosh, and other such bloodthirsty gods. This is the United States government who even has, in the past, referred to the practice as those men having been sacrificed on the “altar of freedom”. Amazing, and people don’t see that this is no different than the practices of the Aztec Empire. Instead of an obsidian knife used to reveal the beating heart of the sacrifice, enemy shrapnel will suffice.

Now the government says, gosh, we might not have enough males to fight and win a war we start in the future. We might need all the females, too. Therefore, they must be foreseeing a war in the future with casualties in the millions. Not that their sons or daughters will fight in such a war. Their kids will be safely ensconced in posh abodes and won’t suffer so much as a missed pedicure appointment as a result of such a horrific war. Of course, they’ll regale us with tales of their own “sacrifice”, having mailed tubes of lip balm and wet wipes to the troops overseas.

These draftees will be ordered to kill other human beings and live with the memories that the enemy also cries out to his God, mother, and wife in the last throes of death. That politics does not explain the five-year-old girl being carried into a hospital without legs because an “errant” U.S. airstrike hit her school. She’s the “lucky one” — there’s not enough left of the other kids for their heartbroken parents to find and bury. Politics does not explain why the killing of human beings can be justified as a matter of “foreign policy” — a sanitized euphemism for the wholesale slaughter of innocent people who have done nothing to us.

See, people think we can just draft the young and ship them off to die for these mistakes we call “foreign policy”. But the blood is on your hands and on your heads if you think sending young men just isn’t enough, so let’s send young women, too. Those people we’re killing now and have killed in the past in these senseless wars? Their blood is upon your heads if you support this. Yes, this blood is upon your head. Because Syria did not attack us. Neither did Iraq, or North Vietnam. Nor did many other places where we’ve slaughtered the innocent and now regale ourselves with sickening movies that glorify the violence. As if justification can now be obtained or this nation can be delivered from its own collective blood guilt.

There will be a lot of people in days to come calling for revenge for Orlando. And while this is going on, the debate over drafting women is quieted, but just a little more justified in the eyes of frightened people unable to see it is the same government that drafts who starts the war in the first place. To whom will we turn to in seeking revenge? Syria? The entire Middle East? Or should we now, at this point, finally recognize what a slaughter looks like in our own communities and see that we’ve done this to others who were also just as innocent. Because if we did that, we’d be compelled to question this government and demand they stop killing innocent people in our name.

No, we need to call for an end to this insanity. When the government has said that just sending off the males to death isn’t going to be enough, but now they need the females, too, we should realize we’re led by monsters. No, the monsters are not in Syria. They’re much closer than that. They’re in Washington DC. That’s who has engineered these wars and “airstrikes” against people who have not done us harm. That is the true definition of killing innocent people. If someone shot and killed another man because he liked a rival sports team, we call that murder. When our government does that, we call it “foreign policy”. And when children die in these endless airstrikes, the government says, “We regret the loss of innocent life…” Oh, do you now? Were that actually true, you would not be putting yourself into the situation of causing the loss of innocent life.

End the whole draft registration scam. War itself is the enemy. Militarism itself is the enemy. These are concepts that must be defeated for a future to even be possible.

[Jack Perry is a writer living with his wife in the Sonoran Desert where he writes, reads, bakes bread, makes arrows, walks, and documents the foolishness of government itself. When the government is speaking or acting, Jack observes his own Rule Number One: Always Assume It’s A Scam. A perennial desert rat, wayfarer, and path pilgrim, Jack also enjoys silence — especially from the government. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.]

Creative Commons CC_BY_ND-4.0 License

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