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1.9. Key advice about baggage

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace

from The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World

and The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace

by Edward Hasbrouck

  • When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Keep your luggage within the standard international airline baggage limit: 20 kg (44 lb) total per person including all carry-on items.
  • Always get to the airport prepared to check your luggage. Never count on being allowed to carry it on, regardless of its size or weight.
  • Don’t cut corners on key items of your gear like your pack and water purifier. For prolonged hard traveling, the best quality you can afford is worth the price.
  • Carry your passport, tickets, and other vital documents in a money belt or otherwise hidden inside your clothes. Carry backup photocopies of everything in your money belt, and leave another set nehind with a trusted friend.
  • Don’t worry too much about what you forget, lose, or break. You can find almost anything you really need along the way, or find some local substitute to serve the same purpose.
  • Don’t feel dependant on any of your things. They might get lost, stolen, or broken. Be prepared to improvise.
  • Don’t count on care packages. Mailing things home is usually slow but more or less affordable and reliable, but having things sent to you while you are traveling is often difficult and/or expensive.

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"Don't believe anything just because you read it on the Internet. Anyone can say anything on the Internet, and they do. The Internet is the most effective medium in history for the rapid global propagation of rumor, myth, and false information." (From The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace, 2001)

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