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The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World


The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace

  • “By far the most practical and useful planning tool out there…Provides the practical information that anyone planning a lengthy trip around the world needs…. A compendium of information to guide you through the process of planning and executing an independent trip around the world [and] resources to help you plan your destinations and transportation. This book is a definite must have. The section on airlines/airfares is especially worthwhile.”
  • “Best travel book I have ever read. If you travel overseas, whether for business or pleasure, short term or lengthy stays, you should check out this book. Covers everything that you need to know that area-specific guide books do not discuss.”
  • “I first read an earlier edition of The Practical Nomad five years ago. Since then, I’d estimate that I’ve saved at least $6,500 USD over that period, as well as hours of aggravation, by remembering Hasbrouck’s advice on airline ticketing…. If you want to learn how to go anywhere and not get manipulated by systems you don’t understand, this book is revelatory.”
  • “Thanks for your book, It has changed my life, well the travel that I did after reading the book did!”
  • “This book is one of the few that really does teach one how to better experience the world through travel…. If you are interested in getting the most out of your travel experience, this is perhaps the best book to read before you head off to any part of the world…. His insights into what we can do and are best served by doing while travelling will liberate you!”
  • The Practical Nomad has a wealth of information pertinent to anyone leaving the country, especially if they are independent travelers. It was the main resource used when planning a trip around the world with my daughters who were ages 11 and 13 at the time…. I can’t say enough good things about this book and how important it has been to me as a resource.
  • “It is an honour to be followed by you [on Twitter]. I bought your book in 2012 in preparation for a world trip that we took our kids on in 2013. 10 months, around the world with folding bikes and little backpacks. It was epic. I read your book, loved the prose.”
  • “Greetings from China. One of the newly arrived English teachers has loaned me the “Practical Nomad”. Thank you for a great book. This is the 7th country/territory outside of the US for our family…. Your insights, and what you have gleaned from others, confirms our successes and would have helped us avoid some of the “stupid Gringo” things we have done, had we found it sooner…. Your lists in the appendix are super!… Again, thank you.”
  • “You’ll be packing your bags! The Practical Nomad makes you feel as if you can actually put together that dream trip to far-away places. The book is full of interesting tips and advice, as well as actual resources that will get you started. Edward Hasbrouck does a terrific job of including tips that will be worthwhile for new travellers and very-experienced travellers. There are chapters on obtaining visas, culture shock, luggage, transportation, staying in touch, and even a few sample budgets. The best part of the book is the author’s convincing arguments regarding the plausibility of your trip. If you have the desire to take the trip, but have been putting it off, it’s probably for one of these excuses: lack of money or lack of time off. Read this book and those excuses disappear.”
  • “I’ve read The Practical Nomad all the way through a total of four times — after the third reading I went out and bought myself a second copy because I’d annotated the first one too much!”
  • “Motivation that helped change my life: I purchased this book when contemplating an extended, 6-month trip to S.E. Asia. The book really gave us the ‘get-up-and-go’ we needed to leave town for that long. I quit my job, and had the adventure of a lifetime. The trip really changed our lives, and we spent less than we would have staying in the states. We now travel for at least a month at a time when we travel, and it’s become a vital part of our lives. We continually hear excuses from friends and relatives about why they can’t do the same thing (some don’t even have passports!) We convinced a friend to travel when he was laid off from his law firm, and he’s forever appreciative for the push we gave him to go out on his own. The book helps put your travel dreams into action.”
  • “Thank you for creating such a great website. I can’t believe you are so generous as to share so much of your travel information with us. I’ve used discount [airline ticket] brokers in the past… but have never totally understood how it works…. You’ve given me much more insight into this international ticketing arrangement we have to suffer through whenever we want to travel.”
  • “I just read your The Practical Nomad book cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am thinking about quitting my job and travelling for a year (or more), and this book was my first step in doing the necessary research. I now have such a better idea of what I need to do to plan. Also, it helped me put any traces of fear behind me (I’m a 24 year old woman planning to take this trip by herself). So thanks!”
  • “My husband and I are currently traveling through Asia and used Edward Hasbrouck’s book in preparation for our trip. It is a comprehensive book, that explores every aspect of around the world travel. He covers everything you need to know and more, from preparation of paperwork to interacting with people along the way. He is a expert in this field — one of the best, and he generously shares his knowledge in this book. Travelers are fortunate to have such expertise in their hands, what it would take years for an individual to acquire is shared here. His compilation of fact and opinion is well-balanced. He also includes an excellent resource section, with many books and websites for further research. Starting your research with this book will save you a lot of time and effort — it’s all right here.”
  • “Your book is really great and wonderfully helpful. I read all of the Air Transportation chapter in detail and it gave me a much better idea of what I was dealing with as I went through the whole process. I subsequently had a brief conversation with another friend who is a pretty experienced traveler, and I realized that from reading your book, I (the novice) knew more about getting discount tickets than she did! (I recommended your book.)
  • “I’m in the midst of reading The Practical Nomad. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! for the best book on planning a RTW trip I’ve seen.”
  • “Get The Practical Nomad … It explains how to find a good travel agent, how international air tickets work, how to get the best prices, and avoid price traps. I highly recommend it.”
  • “I have been teaching an evening course on [independent travel] at [a] university for the last year and have been recommending the students buy your book as a reference. I think you did a superb job. Congratulations.”
  • “I am planning a year-long, around-the-world trip, and The Practical Nomad is by far the most useful of the many books I have read…. Every travel topic is covered. … Even though I disagree with almost all of the author’s political opinions, his views add color and coherence to the book; they are candidly disclosed and never intrusive. This is a book about long-term travel by a factual pack rat who has done it himself and has helped thousands of others take their dream trip. If you plan to engage in independent travel for more than one month, you should certainly buy this book.”
  • “I just wanted to thank you for going to the effort of putting all that very useful information on the WWW.”
  • “WOW! I have just read - devoured, actually - your amazing and timely FAQ on consolidators and bucket shops and I have to say the amount of information contained within was exciting!… I found it clear, easy to understand and totally compelling to read…. I really enjoyed reading some intelligent discussion of ticketing processes”
  • “I would like to thank you for sharing your insightful knowledge of the air travel industry through your postings to the newsgroup I just finished reading your “FAQ” concerning consolidators and bucket shops. It was extremely interesting—and upon completion, I felt that I had gained a wealth of knowledge….Thank you for sharing your expertise. It is very much appreciated.”
  • “I have just read your article on discount airfares on the Internet. As an ex-international airline economist… I have to congratulate you on exposing how the airlines fix fares….Your article manages to explain their thinking… Congratulations.”
  • “I’m sure you hear it all the time, but your website is great!… Its good of you to volunteer information so that others can understand the nature of the airline and ticket sales industries.”
  • “What an insightful article on your web page. I owned and operated a couple of bucket shops in London’s Earls Court and Hammersmith areas. Much of what you have said in your article is so true…. Keep up the good work.”
  • “That’s a great page! It could be re-titled “an insider’s view of the air travel industry” Thanks very much.”
  • “Thank you very much for… the beautifully written book.”
  • “I congratulate you for a most informative discussion about international travel”
  • “I recently got back from a trip around the pacific. A friend of ours… gave us your book as a going away present and I read it throughout our trip. I found the entire book great as a source of general travel information…. Thanks for the enjoyable reading…. I’ve already suggested to one friend that they read [your book].”
  • “Your FAQ is wonderful. I’m 20 and am going [on] my first international flight—and now I feel I can make much more informed decisions about ticket prices.”
  • “I wanted to take the time to tell you that I had visited your web page. I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge that you successfully trimmed down into language anyone could understand. In short, your efforts have been very appreciated.”
  • “I just finished The Practical Nomad, fortunately at the very beginning stages of planning an extended (around the world ???) trip. Congratulations on a formidable work. I read every word, and found it very, very, useful….My husband and I are 50 years old and retired early, 2 years ago. We own nothing except the contents of our suitcases….”
  • “A friend of mine and I are planning a trip around the world….I read your book and got a lot of information that I would have never thought. Your book is what I wanted to find. I’ve been planning this trip for over a year, and believe I am prepared. Thanks for writing an informative book.”
  • “Thank you for providing your insight on the internet. It is one of the most honest and to the point information centers we have ever seen.”
  • “Hey! Thanks for a well-written FAQ on the sordid practices of the rip-off airline industry.”
  • “Thank you for all the info. - much appreciated it!!!”
  • “Thanx for that balanced lengthy eye opener about airline travel… Pretty darn good!”
  • “Thank you so very much for the information. It is very kind of you to make your expertise available!! “
  • “I just gotta say that your piece on the nature of airline pricing was a great read. I`m gonna have to read it a few times to get the whole picture; but I was blown away… thanks”
  • “Thank you for your very informative web page”
  • “Thanks for all the very helpful information. Loved your quote.”
  • “Loved the BOOK! After 2 round world trips your book STILL had lots to teach me.”
  • “Thanks for your very informative web site! Wish I had found it years ago.”
  • “I have just downloaded your FAQ on discounted international airline tickets. What a great help it has been in gaining an insight into the mangled “web” that is airline ticketing. Cheers.”
  • “I have just read your web posting on consolidators, bucket shops, and round the world tickets. It is instructive, clear, and admirably well written, and I thank you for it.”
  • “I want to congratulate you on your wonderfully comprehensive and revealing book, “The Practical Nomad.” I’m reading it as I get ready for a several-month-long Asian excursion…. I’m truly impressed!”
  • “Thanks — I … read your travel FAQ and found it very enlightening. Thanks for the time you spent writing and posting it.”
  • “Thank you for your informative web page on airline ticket pricing etc. Useful stuff!!!”
  • “Congratulations on a very interesting site.”
  • “I am writing you from Toronto. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this; it has been most informative.”
  • “My husband and I are planning a world backpack travel trip… We are eagerly reading all that we can, including your wonderful book, The Practical Nomad. It has provided a wealth of information to us….thank you so much for writing this great book!! We are, of course, thrilled out of our minds to be doing this….we are selling most all of our possessions, quitting our jobs and feeding this wanderlust that has invaded our souls for most of our lives!! We love to experience different cultures, learn new ways and open to experiences that teach us how to be more fully alive and human.”
  • “I greatly enjoyed your travel article… obviously you are speaking with great sincerity and knowledge.”
  • “First of all let me send you a firm and warm handshake. I found your site, I bought your book and both have been of invaluable help. I came across your material doing research for a dream trip I’m starting to plan: taking a year off and travelling around the world.”
  • “I really like the book. I like your perspective on travel, experience and knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Even though I am an experienced independent traveller, I found tips on almost every page and more importantly inspiration and encouragement.”
  • “I’ve just finished your book The Practical Nomad…. I found it fascinating and inspiring … great job!”
  • “Brilliant!!!! As a semi-seasoned traveller always looking for bargains (and rarely finding them!), your advice rings dead true.”
  • “My wife … and I are in the midst of planning our first trip around the world. Your “The Practical Nomad”_ has been an invaluable tool in that preparation.”
  • “Most informative article. Very interesting and very well written.”
  • “My wife and I have read The Practical Nomad and found it a fantastic resource.”
  • “I read through your book The Practical Nomad, and I found it very useful; indeed one of the most comprehensive books on travel that I’ve seen.”
  • “I read “The Practical Nomad.” Great book!”
  • “We saw you speak… and [would] just like to say that The Practical Nomad is an invaluable resource! So far, I have yet to read a page devoid of helpful and, by all means, “practical” information. I’m sure I’ll read it again and again….Our trip plan has become clearer with the resources you have provided… Thanks for saying all those things that are important about travel; it’s a welcome relief!”
  • “Your book … has been extremely helpful. What a wealth of experiences you have had. I appreciate your candidness, thoroughness and organized approach in the book. I refer to it often as I am planning my adventure!… This trip has been a dream of mine for many years and I have just quit my job to do this! I am anxious, excited, a little nervous and thrilled all at the same time. Reading your book has been inspirational and was one more confirmation that I am doing the right thing by living out this dream.”
  • “Thanks for the info! Just checked out your web site. Thank you for the background info. I feel armed with the knowledge to get the best international flights. I travelled in France alone last Fall, and in Europe for the first time. Now, I am fixated on seeing the world, and on how I can save the most money so I can travel. I don’t even care if I use up my vacation time! Thanks again for fueling my new passion!”
  • “I was at your talk… and enjoyed it greatly…. You compressed so much information into that relatively short time. I was impressed with your knowledge and recall.”
  • “I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your presentation… I will buy your book. As someone who travelled through South America for a year — now 20 years ago — and saw so many other people doing it, I was astonished to learn from you how few people actually hit the international road — especially independently! You did a great job. Thanks.”
  • “Packed with excellent advice on planning the “trip of a lifetime”. The extensive coverage of the ins and outs, the scams and tricks of airline ticketing is a real eye opener, and helped us to save quite a few pounds from the cost of our travels.”
  • “There are a few how-to budget travel guides. I found this one, which specializes specifically on around-the-world journeying, to be the best…. Want to know why the seat next to you cost 10 times as much? Well, the answer to that one is easy (so the airline can make more money). But this book will tell you how to get the best deal. I used the advice to get most of my tickets from a consolidator. And this is only the airline chapter! Trust me - if you’re planning a RTW trip you’ll find something useful in here.”
  • “Kudos! I had to write you and thank you for your inspiring book The Practical Nomad. I have always been passionate about travel and about 2 years ago I decided to plan a major trip after I graduated college. A sort of graduation present to myself. Well, I graduated in December and in March will embark on a grand adventure around the world. Your book has been the prime inspiration when planning this trip. The advice you give is not only practical but also falls directly in line with my idea of eco-friendly travel. I am pretty proud of all I have accomplished to make this happen so far and you have been a big part in that process. Your guide is invaluable and I sincerely thank you for having the intelligence not only to see an area of need but also to be able to write it so well.”
  • “This book is the place to start when planning world travel. Planning to travel around the world can be very daunting. This book helps you go through the planning step by step. I was overwhelmed while planning for my trip (which was lovely, thank you) until I read The Practical Nomad and was able to get a handle on it all.”
  • “Excellent resource: The Practical Nomad has a wealth of information pertinent to anyone leaving the country, especially if they are independent travelers. It was the main resource used when planning a trip around the world with my daughters who were ages 11 and 13 at the time. It’s not the kind of book to take with you on a trip, it’s the kind of book to read before and during the planning phase of your trip. The Practical Nomad covers topics from helping travelers understand the travel industry to health and safety issues to keep in mind. I can’t say enough good things about this book and how important it has been to me as a resounce.”
  • “Supportive and dense with information: I’ve traveled extensively but have learned something new on virtually every page of Edward Hasbrouck’s The Practical Nomad. His style of traveling isn’t for everyone but his tips acknowledge this and his advice can be adapted to many traveling styles. I particularly like Hasbrouck’s supportive prose. He genuinely wants everyone to be able to enhance their travels and challenge themselves to learn more about the world around them. He doesn’t show off about his own travels and he doesn’t make it a competition of extremes. Some sections will be extraneous for most travelers (“folding kayaks”?) but they’re always interesting and Hasbrouck makes the reader believe that round the world travel is possible for everyone.” (“Expat traveler”, Singapore)
  • The Practical Nomad is the single best travel book I have, and I travel for a living! Great work!”

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"Don't believe anything just because you read it on the Internet. Anyone can say anything on the Internet, and they do. The Internet is the most effective medium in history for the rapid global propagation of rumor, myth, and false information." (From The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace, 2001)

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